About Me

•I traines as an HIV/ Sexual Health Consultant and I have been on the GMC Specialist Register for the past 8 years. I am a fellow of Royal College of Physicians

•In addition to my standard medical and academic training (including a lab-based MD at University of London looking at immune responses during HIV), I am passionate about lifestyle changes that can bring a holistic approach to health. I use a compassionate approach that stems from a real understanding of overcoming illness and am committed to root cause treatment of chronic disease, looking at supporting the body’s biological systems. In addition to nutritional advice, I use conventional medicine treatments where necessary.

I completed Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice in London (2017) with the Institute of Functional Medicine. You can find more about functional medicine here: https://ifm.org/functional-medicine/what-is-functional-medicine/
My special interests revolve around women's health and rebalancing body's hormones and biological systems using nutrition and/or bio-identical hormones. I completed my training in bio-identical hormone therapy with the Marion Gluck Training Academy in London and have regular support and supervision with the clinic.